Sunday, November 28, 2010

June 9th - Pribiloffs to Anchorage

June 9th: The day started off slightly warmer but with heavier fog. Bill was stressed out that our plane may not be able to arrive at 3:30 due to the fog. But as the day progressed the fog lifted and it is a beautiful day. We went to Tolstoi Cliffs this morning to view the best area for Red faced Cormorants.

We had good looks despite the fog and also a couple of Horned Puffins were perched relatively close. We decided to save our sandwiches for dinner and eat lunch at Trident Seafood since they had Mexican food today. The island was still quiet, no new vagrants.

Our flight left St. Paul at 4:00 ish and took almost 3 hours due to the winds to arrive in Anchorage. This time the Quality Inn shuttle arrived quickly as opposed to the 45 min waits that happened twice before. We went for a short walk at Hood Lake and saw a Junco, Bonapartes Gull, Red Necked Grebes and lots of Tree Swallows. I downloaded a lot of photos to Facebook last night so didn’t get much sleep again – probably 5 hrs max.

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