Saturday, November 27, 2010

June 2nd Council Rd.

June 2nd. A little later start today at 6:30 since we were driving the Council Rd which is the same one that went to Safety Sound, but the plan was to go further to look for Gyrfalcon, but also take our time to look for Loons, Eiders and other rarities. Unfortunately it seems that it may have been too early for Spectacled and Stellars Eiders as well as for Arctic or Yellow Billed Loon as we had no luck. So far each day we had been getting one life bird, but the chances didn’t look good today. We did have two very pleasant surprises in finding a Surfbird and a very pink Lesser Sand Plover (also known as Mongolian Plover).

We followed Forrest down the road towards Council and he put us on a nesting Peregrine Falcon and eventually a nesting Gray phase Gyrfalcon! So we did get our life bird with the Gyrfalcon. But the best sighting today was when we saw a gorgeous Arctic Fox pouncing on prey. His legs were black, very bushy tail and multicolored coat as he was losing his winter fur.

Dinner was at Airport Pizza again and this time I tried the burrito which was very good. So far this trip has produced very little exercise opportunities and too many opportunities to snack and eat… Hopefully this will change soon.

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