Sunday, November 28, 2010

June 10th - Anchorage to Denali

June 10th: Breakfast at the hotel at 6:00 AM, then a team meeting at 6:30 while the guys went to pick up the rental cars. We left Anchorage about 7:30 for our drive to Denali. As usual there were lots of pitstops, hardly any exercise, car birding and lots of junk food being purchased. Not my favorite kind of trip. The lack of exercise and the amount of food is killing me. We made a stop on the road that goes to Paxton to look for Arctic Warbler with no luck, but did see a group of Cliff Swallows, Wilson Warbler, Wilson’s Snipe, Yellow-Rumped Warbler, White Crowned Sparrow, Bonapartes Gull, Black Scoter, and Greater Scaup.

Then we proceeded to Denali National Park to pick up our shuttle bus tickets for the next 2 days. We drove Savage Road to the point where no cars can proceed and got distant somewhat clouded views of Mt. McKinley.

On the way back I spotted a Gray Jay. We made our way to Healy for our 3 night stay at the Totem Inn and had a relatively decent quick burger at the Inn’s restaurant. We have a 6:45 AM Shuttle tomorrow so need to get some sleep.

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