Monday, November 29, 2010

June 12 - Denali in the rain

June 12: Rain, rain, go away! Today our shuttle to Eilson Visitor Center in Denali left at 7:30 AM. Our first sighting was a Moose with a calf near the railroad tracks. Bob, Paula, Paul and I got off the bus at Igloo to look for the Arctic Warbler again with no luck. We walked about a mile in the steady rain for about an hour before Paul and I decided to take the bus up to Eilson to get out of the rain. I discovered my water proof rain coat was no longer rain proof as my arms had gotten wet. We took the “camper” bus and on the way had a small herd of Caribou.

It was hard to see much from the bus since the windows were fogging up and getting covered in mud from the dirt roads. Once we got to Eilson we made a reservation for the next bus back. I slept most of the way back as this vacation’s lack of sleep has finally gotten to me. I was awakened suddenly when everyone was excited to spot 2 wolves with about 7 pups.

Unfortunately I only saw one of the pups with just my eyes, when the driver stood up to get his camera and blocked our views so I never got great looks, but still an exciting sighting. Once back at the Visitor’s Center, we walked a few of the trails and only saw 2 Boreal Chickadees so decided to head back to the Totem Inn at about 5 PM to meet the group for our last dinner at the motel.

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