Sunday, November 28, 2010

Alaska June 3: Kougarok Rd and back to Anchorage

June 3rd: A 6:00 AM start and we wanted to try for the Arctic Warbler one more time so we drove out Kougarok Rd about 20 miles or so to where Bill has traditionally had them very easily in trips past in July, but although the arrival date was supposed to be June 1st, there was no sight or sound of them. But we had another fox sighting. This one was mostly a dull white, but the poor thing was only using 3 legs.

Since we were flying to Anchorage later today we didn’t have too much time as we had to be back at the Aurora hotel to check out, return the rental vans and get to the airport at least 2 hours before our 1:20 PM flight. I planned to get a lot of “work” done at the airport, like writing this report, downloading photos, etc, but this didn’t happen again so I am now trying to catch up on all this tonight. Our flight actually stopped at Kozebue in the Arctic Circle before getting to Anchorage. It was a tiny airport with lots of ponds around the runways filled with a variety of ducks – definitely a unique airport. The Quality Inn airport shuttle took 45 minutes again to pick us up. We had to call them twice before they showed up and then once at the hotel, they neglected to tell us that our room was in a different building so we were riding the elevator looking for a room that didn’t exist. This hotel definitely has issues and I would not recommend it! Dinner was at Gwennies where I had Eggs Benedict and Paul had all you can eat Ribs. It’s now 8:30 PM and I am beat. It’s time to finish up some stuff and get to sleep.

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