Sunday, November 28, 2010

June 8th

June 8th: Well so far the Pribiloffs have not produced any vagrant birds, which has been disappointing. This morning after breakfast we had our taste of what typical Pribiloff weather is like, drizzly foggy and a strong cold breeze as we started our hike up Zapadni. I left my good camera in the car because of this weather, but of course it cleared when we were at the top and had amazing close views of all 3 auklets: Least, Crested and Parakeet as well as both Puffins, both Kittiwakes and both Murres. I did some digiscoping so those photos will have to suffice, but I’d say this was my favorite spot thus far on St. Paul. Luckily our next stop was also great views of these same birds and we did bring the camera. They were not as numerous here, but at least I didn’t feel so bad now about not having the camera for the last stop.

Lunch was the usual time 12-1 and then we did a short tour of St Peter and St. Paul Russian Orthodox Church and Museum before heading back to the lodge for an hour break. BTW, the lodge is called the King Eider and is really like a dorm at the dirt runway airport… The old King Eider hotel closed. The rest of the birding both before and after dinner was basically dead with the exception of walking out on the mudflats to photograph the Bar Tailed Godwits we have been seeing here the last few days.

The High Lonesome Tour group flew out this afternoon and I’m thinking in reality we don’t need the extra day here, especially given the non-typical quiet birding for this time of year when they generally expect vagrants if the winds are right.

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