Monday, December 14, 2009

Nov 5 El Limon to Abra Porculla, Jaen

Overnight my cell phone battery died, therefore no alarm, so we awoke with 5 minutes to prepare to depart! Our morning hike was successful in finding the Guan, thanks to Lino and his cute dog's help, although it took much longer than expected.
We finished our search by 10:00, made our way back to the van, escorted by Lino’s dog, for a nice outdoor breakfast that Julio had prepared for us – yogurt, granola, fruit and pastries all with a table setup just behind the van. When he cleaned up we walked down the road, and met a man walking out to us from his ranch that wanted to sell us a white winged guan! So much for this being a protected area for the birds! Two cute baby goats came out of nowhere and seemed lost and cautiously followed us calling, Ma… Not too many highlight birds for the morning since our primary goal was to find the Guan, but some nice ones included Black Capped Sparrow, Vermillion Flycatcher, Pacific Hornero, Streak-headed Woodcreeper and White-Edged Oriole.

We got back to the hotel to pick up Jane and Alan who decided to sleep in, and headed off to Abra Porculla in the Andes to search for some higher elevation species. First we walked the road a bit and had a perched Ecuadorian Trogan, Rufous Winged Tyrannulet and then we hiked up and down this steep path probably 3 times which led to a small stream. We had Three Banded Warbler, Slate Throated Whitestart (Redstart), Elegant Crescentchest, Black Cowled Saltators, Chapman’s Antshrike, Azarra’s Spinetail (elegantior race), Purple Collared Woodstar, and Black Chested Buzzard Eagle. We then tried to make our 3 hour drive to Jaen, but kept finding good birds along the road where I found a Speckled Hummingbird, which Gunnar thought may be split (Western form) and if so would be a life bird for him, some Rufous Collared Sparrows, Aplomado Falcons, and American Kestral. We arrived at the Hotel Prim’s at 8:30 and sat down to dinner for Chinese at the hotel at 9:45 PM again – another late night.

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