Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nov 11 - Tarapoto to Moyobamba - heading back the way we came

A 5:00 AM start brought us to birding the road from Tarapoto to Yurimaguas with our new guide for this leg of the trip, Juan Jose Chalco. There are only 4 of us now: Paul and I and Martin and Ulf.

It was a beautiful vista point, but with only a few small flocks. We heard the Cock of the Rock’s calling in the background. We had great views in the scope of Swallow Tanagers and Cliff Flycatchers. We also had a few groups of Euphonias, a Gilded Barbet, Bay Headed Tanager and a Blackish Pewee. Paul spotted a small Saddleback Tamarin. Unfortunately everyone else missed it as soon as he saw Paul looking at him, he took off. We returned to the hotel for breakfast and to checkout. We took the 2 hour drive to Moyobamba where we will spend the night and actually had some welcome rain along the way to cool off the 90 degree temps. We had lunch at the hotel Marco Antonio at 1:45. Then we were picked up by taxi since Julio now needs to spend the next 2 days fixing the van. The taxi had 5 of us plus the driver squished in like sardines. The back seat middle felt like sitting on pointed metal! We went to the Tingana reserve to take a motorized wooden boat upriver and then into a narrow jungley channel where after about halfway we got into a six seater dugout canoe. We had a few Black faced Nunbirds, lots of Amazon, Ringed and Green Rufous Kingfishers and a very interesting potential bird of Little Tinamou just sitting still deeper into the woods. The neck seemed a bit shorter than what the book shows. The only other bird that looks possible is Ruddy Quail Dove. We also had nice views of a Coati and 2 Greater Yellowheaded Vultures. On the return down the main river at about 5:30, the sky cloud patterns were beautiful with one thick white cloud even containing a rainbow. We had many views of Oriole Blackbirds, 2 Collared Plovers, Drab Water Tyrants, and a Red capped Cardinal. We returned to the hotel, met to do the list at 7:30, but didn’t eat dinner until 9. Another late night…

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