Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nov 14 - Abra Patricia, Afluentes, Aguas Verde, Royal Sunangel spot

Paul went owling again this morning at 4:15 AM and I slept till breakfast at 7:30, yeah! We then took the van to Afluentes, where we got just a few birds including the Variable Bristle-Tyrant, but in general it was very slow – probably because it was too hot and sunny. We then went to Aguas Verdes and looked for Cock of the Rock again – we saw one all orange immature one and then down by the river I had great looks at an Orange Male with Black wings – no photos though since it was too far away. At the river, we had the male and female Torrent Ducks with 2 chicks – mom was giving them swimming lessons. Then we went back to Abra for lunch at 1:15 (seemed like we should have brought a boxed lunch since we wasted 2 hours in the car driving back and forth). After a short break we took a drive down to the Royal Sunangel spot again and it was very quiet there as well except for on the return I had great looks at what we are guessing were a male and immature Bar Winged Wood Wren – although the photo in this book doesn’t show the immature and the male in person seemed to have blacker wings with white dots. Quite often we go without getting a comfortable ID. We waiting for dusk so we could try for Cinnamon Screech Owl, which we did hear and had a quick fly by – but too dark to really see much. But while we waited a Sickle Winged Guan perched on the hill above our heads. I was happy to see this bird as Paul had it on his morning owling adventure, but I hadn’t seen it yet.

Dinner was once again very good: pumpkin soup with leeks and celery, spaghetti and peaches for dessert. Juice was Mango and Papaya.

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